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North Jersey Bathroom RenovationA fresh, updated look in your bathroom can make even getting ready for work in the morning feel luxurious. A modern bathroom is typically one of the first things prospective buyers ask for when looking at a new home. It is also one of the first things homeowners mention when asked what they would change about their home. From a simple modification like a new vanity to a full renovation creating an entirely new look, our bathroom renovations offer high-quality work with an impressive finished product.

Who We Are

First and foremost, we consider our clients in everything we do. Superior customer service is a guarantee that we make and always deliver on to our clients. We have been serving Morris, Sussex, Hunterdon, and Warren County since 1998, and we specialize in interior remodeling services. Our focus is on creating new looks in existing spaces that change the feel of a room or home.  From a new vanity space to additional storage, to a complete bathroom renovation, our licensed and insured contract work can handle any job. We pride ourselves in exemplary service, providing our clients with the utmost attention and guaranteed satisfaction. Our goal is to listen first and check in along the way to make sure our clients feel like the project is theirs. In many cases, our clients are so pleased that they decide to renovate further. An experience with Ramada Construction is an experience with high-quality work and superior service.

What to Expect from Our Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom renovation can involve better utilization of space, creating an updated look or improving functionality. We listen to our clients’ needs first to get an understanding of the goal and create a vision together. Then, we go about the business of a high-quality renovations that accomplish that goal and see that vision become a reality. At Ramada Construction, our renovations can include:

  • Planning – listening to the client and coming up with a vision together.
  • Switching out old for new – whether it’s a new vanity, toilet, tub or cabinets.
  • Rewiring or running new plumbing – the goal is the client vision, we do what it takes to get there even if it takes changing the existing layout.
  • Lighting renovation – updated, modern looks often start with new fixtures and lighting options.
  • Floor to Ceiling – Ramada Construction oversees every single part of the process to ensure quality, superior work.
  • Efficient work – the best part of any renovation is enjoying the finished product. We always strive to get the finished product to our clients as quickly as possible.

Why Hire Professionals to Do a Bathroom Renovation?

We have all seen the “renovation disaster” type shows out there. Simply put, hiring a professional like Ramada Construction can ensure a quality finished product, stress and hassle-free, with your budget in mind. Bathroom renovations can be especially complicated, involving plumbing and specialized electrical work. This can require special tools or skills that could doom a DIY renovation and cause a major headache. Many self-renovations take longer than anticipated, leaving you without a bathroom for far too long. With Ramada Construction, we handle the project from start to finish, always aiming to get it done as quickly as possible. This allows our clients to start enjoying their renovation sooner than if they had done it themselves.

Rather than spend hours and hours of your time, leave the hard work to Ramada Construction. With our expertise, the job will be done faster, and the result will be of the utmost quality. We have the experience, equipment and skills to create a perfect renovation for you.

When to Call Ramada Construction

Call Ramada Construction to discuss your renovation today.  Whether you are simply in need of a new look vanity or have dreams of an entirely new bathroom, we are here to listen, advise and get the job done. If you have even the slightest idea of making a change, let us know, and we can help.

Planning to sell your home and need advice on an update to improve value? Call us.

Tired of having a single sink and sharing before work in the morning? Call us.

Looking for a way to unwind in a soaking tub but all you have is a shower? Call us.

Ramada Construction is here to help you determine the best way to accomplish your renovation goals. Call us today and start the conversation of making your updated bathroom vision a reality. No project is too small or too large, so call to discuss any renovation needs you may have.


At Ramada Construction, our clients take center stage, and we enjoy hearing their vision and turning it into reality. Even if you believe your project is impossible, we can help determine how to make it happen. Many of our clients say they wished they had done their bathroom renovation sooner, as they are so pleased with the finished product. Do not hesitate! A simple call can start a conversation that can assure you your renovation is possible. No job is too small or too large, so call today and start making the updated bathroom dream a reality!

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